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760 C Street
Walla Walla, WA, 99362
United States

(509) 241-0318

Corvus Cellars takes its name from Apollo’s raven in mythology, who suffers from eternal thirst.  That idea of “eternal thirst” resonated deeply with us… for wine, for passion, for balance.  Our passion is what led us to go “all in” in 2005.  We bottled our first vintage, bought raw dirt in Red Mountain and planted our vineyard.  Our goal, from the inception, has been to create limited production, world class wines that embody balance, depth and structure.   We are driven by our constant desire to fully showcase a wine’s unique quality....its "terroir", and to embrace the influences of the growing region, vineyard source, and all the micro-decisions throughout the wines’ life-cycle.  We continue to feed this passion and delight in sharing our end result with the people we encounter every day as we endeavor to quench our eternal thirst.   Corvus Cellars is about balance… from the earth… to the vine… to the wine.

We invite you to come visit us at the Port of Walla Walla Airport!

Amazing Fall 2014!

Thoughts to Share

From time to time, we have something to share.

Amazing Fall 2014!

Randall Hopkins

Is it really October 8th?  The weather continues to act like summer, being very stubborn about moving into Fall....sounds like me.  In reality, autumn is a wonderful time in Eastern WA as the leaves change color and we "eastsiders" get to experience all four seasons.   The grapes are moving along nicely as we seemed to have evaded early sugar spikes and allow for full maturation where flavors, sugars and acids develop in concert.  They're tasting yummy!

The Corvus Cellars event schedule continues to be robust for us as we look at activities happening in both the Puget Sound area as well as Walla Walla.   We continue to be blessed with great feedback and very strong word of mouth referrals.  I have said it many times, but it still holds true that the best marketing comes from those people that have experienced Corvus wines and decide to tell two friends.   Sounds like the Prell commercial right?  For all of those Corvus ambassadors, we thank you and continue the great work!

In the winery, we are playing around with a few things and getting ready to bring in the rest of the fruit.  For starters, we've crushed and pressed our Red Mountain Syrah and Cab Franc and we'll be starting ML soon.  The Syrah is looking amazing and the estate Cab Franc is looking good as well, let's see if it makes it to a stand alone wine for our club members.  What else?  Well, we are keeping that a surprise....but let's just say that PINK wine should have a place in your life.  More on that to follow.

Jen is preparing a note to our club members as we get ready to send out the Fall shipments. Stay tuned.

Happy autumn to everyone!