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760 C Street
Walla Walla, WA, 99362
United States

(509) 241-0318

Corvus Cellars takes its name from Apollo’s raven in mythology, who suffers from eternal thirst.  That idea of “eternal thirst” resonated deeply with us… for wine, for passion, for balance.  Our passion is what led us to go “all in” in 2005.  We bottled our first vintage, bought raw dirt in Red Mountain and planted our vineyard.  Our goal, from the inception, has been to create limited production, world class wines that embody balance, depth and structure.   We are driven by our constant desire to fully showcase a wine’s unique quality....its "terroir", and to embrace the influences of the growing region, vineyard source, and all the micro-decisions throughout the wines’ life-cycle.  We continue to feed this passion and delight in sharing our end result with the people we encounter every day as we endeavor to quench our eternal thirst.   Corvus Cellars is about balance… from the earth… to the vine… to the wine.

We invite you to come visit us at the Port of Walla Walla Airport!

About Us

In 1995, while on a wine tasting trip to Eastern Washington, Randall and Jennifer Hopkins met Steve Lessard, then winemaker at Hedges Family Estate. Randall displayed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the winemaking process and grilled Steve for several hours at the winery that afternoon. Finally, Steve suggested that Randall return during harvest and assist with the winemaking process. A friendship and a passion were born! Randall continued to work with Steve over the years doing cellar and harvest work and his love for wine and winemaking grew as did the friendship between Randall and Steve. After many years of consideration and contemplation, Corvus Cellars was established in 2004. The common vision for Steve, Randall, and Jennifer, from the inception of Corvus Cellars, has been to create limited production world class wines that embody balance and structure. The key components for accomplishing this lofty goal are growing and sourcing exceptional fruit across some of the finest AVA’s in Washington State, utilizing the vast winemaking experience and wine business knowledge that Steve possesses in addition to Randall’s creative and broad business skills. Additionally, Randall and Steve rely on their similarly refined palates to shape the wines as they develop. Our focus at Corvus Cellars is to fully showcase a wine’s terroir (that unique quality that each growing region, and even specific vineyard, imparts to the grapes that are grown there) while bringing balance and depth to the wine. Corvus Cellars produces approximately 1000 cases of wine annually. In October 2010, Corvus Cellars moved into their new winemaking facility at the Walla Walla Airport Winery Incubators.  In August 2015, we relocated to larger building still within the Airport District.